Articles, Essays, and Blogs


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Fan Works

Slenderbloggins – A fan blog about the Slender Man Mythos. Earlier parts of the blog detailing my own life are embellished or fictitious, but the information, theories, and analyses present on the blog are not.

The Music of Zelda (as Octo Rocked) – A look at the music in the Legend of Zelda series and its impact and role in the games. Published by Zelda Dungeon.

Steampunk Zelda: It Could Work! (as Octo Rocked) – A look at the steampunk elements The Legend of Zelda has utilized and why that sort of world would not be out of place in future installments. Published by Zelda Dungeon, reposted at Zelda Informer.

A Terrible Fate – An ongoing examination of the themes of death, despair, and hope in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.


DaLadybugProductions – My thoughts on writing and media.

The Multiversal Mind – a collection of thoughts and reflections on various small experiences in my life.

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